January 22, 2021


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“Working at Schiphol is not safe because of the fierce competition.”

"Working at Schiphol is not safe because of the fierce competition."

At Schiphol, working speed and low costs are more important than the safety of the employees of security and cleaning companies, according to the FNV union after a survey of 1,100 employees.

According to the union, there are many companies in Schiphol competing with each other to keep working at the expense of the employees. There are eight handling companies and five security companies that have contracts with the airport.

Safe place

In one answer, Schiphol says that quality is the leader in every tender and that the price-performance ratio is also taken into account. The airport also says that it is legally allowed to operate this number of businesses in Schiphol and that it is up to the government to limit that number if it does.

“We don’t have the security that FNV values,” said an airport spokesman. “Schiphol is a safe place because of the discussions with companies.” The airport will look at the poll and if there are specific examples they will discuss the matter, the spokesman says.

Polluted air

Security incidents reported in the survey include speeding and collisions that cause aircraft damage. It is also reported that many respondents suffer from back, neck and shoulder problems and that working in polluted air is cited as a problem when aircraft take off and taxi.

Later today, 30 employees in Schiphol will stand up for better working conditions.