December 4, 2020


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Woonbond: Tenant is under Rutte | badly off domestic

Woonbond: Tenant is under Rutte | badly off domestic

This is what Stores says in an interview with AD. For example, the waiting list for social housing has grown significantly in recent years, rents have risen and tenants are spending significantly more on housing costs than buyers. There are now more than 100,000 less social rental houses in the Netherlands. According to Woonbond, this comes from its own analysis of the previous closets’ rental policy. Business: “For the past decade, government policy has focused on a smaller sector of housing corporations and more commercial rentals. Tenants have become victims of it. “

The Dutch statistics show that in 2009 tenants still spent around 34 percent of their income on housing costs. In 2018 this was more than 38 percent. The “housing quota” actually decreased for homeowners. Rents rose sharply between 2010 and 2019: around 26 percent for social rents and 44 percent for commercial rents.

Extortionate prices

“Under Rutte it has become possible to conclude a two-year fixed-term lease in the free sector,” says Winkels. “Every two years a landlord can bring someone else into his house and pay the new rent himself. As a result, there are now extortionate prices, which means middle-income people cannot get a rental home at all. “

The Woonbond would like the point system, with which the amount of rent for a social rental house is determined, to also apply to the free sector in order to avoid high rents. The income limit for social housing must also be raised.