January 18, 2021


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Wonder Baby celebrates Christmas: “Thankful and proud” | Abroad

Wonder Baby celebrates Christmas: "Thankful and proud" | Abroad

Elodie’s parents tell the heartwarming story to a British Metro journalist. The girl had to be born last Christmas. But a scan after twenty weeks wasn’t a good sign. “I almost passed out and screamed, is she dying ?!” recalls mother Jess (37).

The baby had a rare heart disease. Four abnormalities required surgery. The doctor’s bad news didn’t even come in, recalls Mother Jess. “I’ve just heard strange words like” surgery “and” survival rate “.

More disaster

When the mother, senior manager at PwC, was eight months pregnant, there were more adversities: the baby had an anomaly between the esophagus and trachea. She would have to have an operation immediately after giving birth. Jess: That day I lost myself. I came to the doctor, sat down and could only cry. “

The likelihood that a child will suffer from both conditions is extremely small. The gods were badly disposed towards father and mother, as it seemed at the time. The couple stayed close to each other. The “wonderful and super positive” Russel pulled mother Jess through.


Elodie was born on December 17th. Too small. She didn’t cry at first, but opened her eyes to Mother Tess’ chest and then started – thank God! – sobs. However, the operation ended in disaster. The baby developed pneumonia. That slumbered until everything went wrong on Christmas Day. One lung collapsed, the other had big problems. Elodie had another emergency operation. “They put her in a coma, on a ventilator.”

“We were there in shock on Christmas Day. What’s worse, other parents came to see their children, who were also born prematurely. We heard them sing songs. I wanted to get rid of them all. “

Christmas 2019 and 2020: For Jess and her daughter, the contrast couldn't be greater.

Christmas 2019 and 2020: For Jess and her daughter, the contrast couldn’t be greater.

Fortunately, Elodie’s lungs recovered in 24 hours. She was taken out of the coma. Jess was able to hold her daughter for the first time on New Year’s Eve. However, the girl stayed in the hospital all January. But when Jess was holding the baby one night at the end of the month, she turned white. Their oxygen levels had dropped 40 to 60 percent. “An enormous shock, because a few days in advance we could finally prepare to bring her home.” Elodie was back on her hoses and breathing.

But she recovered and was allowed to go home. Family and friends speak of a “Miracle baby“.


In 2020, Elodie looks like any other girl – with the exception of a scar on her chest and the annual heart scan. “You don’t even see what she went through. She is just a happy little child who is fascinated to see her first Christmas tree, ”says Jess, who is especially“ grateful ”. “When I look at them, it makes me proud. I know how she struggled to be here. And how far has she come? “The family celebrated Elodie’s first birthday last week. Now they are celebrating Christmas at home in a small group. Modest. “We want to celebrate what we didn’t have last year and what we almost never got again.”

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