February 24, 2021


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Winter sales are a fiasco, Mode Unie sounds the alarm: “Uh …

Winter sales are a fiasco, Mode Unie sounds the alarm: "Uh ...

The winter sales, which last until February 15, are by no means a success. De Zondag writes on the basis of a survey by Mode Unie and Unizo among 325 independent fashion retailers. “We get a lot of calls from troubled entrepreneurs. Something urgently needs to be done, ”says the director of Mode Unie Isolde Delanghe.

The survey shows that eight out of ten entrepreneurs temporarily sold less than normal during the winter sales. “On average, this is a negative 26 percent sale, but that number skews the picture. Many lingerie stores have done well selling housewares. Thanks in part to them, the number stays at 26 percent, but in reality the loss is greater for our fashion retailers, ”says Delanghe.

It’s also worrying that retailers are taking a negative view of the upcoming summer season. “The reserves in our industry are as good as exhausted. (…) Every week we receive calls from tearful entrepreneurs who are upset and in a panic. “Mode Unie is therefore pushing for more measures. As in the catering trade, the interest group would like financial compensation and a temporary VAT cut.

The neutral syndicate for the self-employed (NSZ) calls the situation among the dealers “very bleak”. “The first two weeks were a bit better than expected with better numbers over the weekend, but the third week turned out to be a disaster for many traders,” he said. “The disruptive communication about virus variants has certainly proven to be a major obstacle. Additionally, many retailers are finding that the shopping rule is becoming increasingly important to the customer alone. This commitment resulted in a sales fiasco in August. We are heading towards such a scenario again. It is imperative that the government check this out and allow two purchases with one person from the same bubble. “