November 24, 2020


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Willem-Alexander’s speech was much discussed in Thailand

Willem-Alexander's speech was much discussed in Thailand

Photo: ANP

The video message in which King Willem-Alexander says that he “regrets” his autumn vacation in Greece made a big impression in Thailand. In the social media he is given as a role model for his own king Vajiralongkorn. He’s been on vacation for 277 days this year and therefore only in his own country for 19 days.

For several months now, students all over Thailand have been campaigning against the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. For some time now, monarchy reform has been added to the demands of demonstrators, who sometimes take to the streets by the tens of thousands. Vajiralongkorn (68), who lives in Germany and ascended the throne in 2016, should behave like a constitutional monarch and not an autocrat and initially live in Thailand.

In this light, the Thai activists viewed the events surrounding the Dutch king, who was the talk of the town on Thursday, with a mixture of disbelief, surprise, envy, but also humor. “Willem-Alexander should have come to Thailand. He is welcomed here with open arms, ”it says on Twitter. “Such a difference between the monarchy in a developed country and …” wrote another without referring to Thailand in words, so as not to be accused of majesty. There is a fifteen year sentence.

In view of this law it was also ironically written that “all bad Dutch who have insulted the monarchy must now be arrested on the basis of lese majesty”. Thai also made fun of Willem-Alexander to humorously show off their own king. “Poor King Willem-Alexander. He is so weak. He just wanted to go on vacation. People don’t understand him, just as we understand our king… ”and“ Willem-Alexander is so unprofessional that he prevented his vacation. He should have consulted our king. “