October 27, 2020


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Wibra unions announce historic strike

Wibra unions announce historic strike

For the first time, several Wibra stores in our country are threatened to remain closed due to a strike. The retailer’s unions argue that today / Friday at least 15 of the 81 stores will go on strike.

Wibra served in late July a request for judicial restructuring. The corona crisis caused the proverbial decline in the discounter. According to Pol Schats, Secretary of ACV Puls, the chain in our country has been making losses for years, and sales have also declined in recent years.

Management has already announced that it will acquire 30 of the 81 branches through a new company. The unions fear that the businesses not taken over will fail.

In this case, many long-serving employees threaten to intervene in addition to the statutory severance payments. In order to protest against such “death house constructions”, the unions want to take action in Wibra on Friday.