January 16, 2021


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Wibra Belgium declared bankrupt: 439 people lose their …

Wibra Belgium declared bankrupt: 439 people lose their ...

Wibra Belgium finally filed its books on Thursday after the corporate court in Dendermonde rejected a takeover plan and restarted earlier that day. As a result of the decision, 439 employees will lose their jobs. All Wibra stores in our country will initially be closed from Friday.

The Dutch owners of Wibra wanted to start over with 36 of the 81 branches and 183 employees. “Our intention remains unchanged even after the bankruptcy petition,” said a spokesman. “It went faster than we expected on Thursday morning. Such bankruptcy is very difficult for our people, ”he said. However, the intent remains to save some of the activity. According to the spokesman, the old staff will also be hired.

But the Socialist Union is wondering whether the restart plans will still be successful. You not only need the approval of the curators, but also the shopkeepers. “Because the existing leases for the branches have now also been terminated,” says BartT union representative Bart Leybaert.

He attaches great importance to the various directors of Wibra Belgium. “You haven’t invested in the business or staff, and you haven’t set up a bad time savings account. You caused this situation, “it said in a press release. Wibra was very loss-making. BBTK previously stated that it would like to investigate whether the directors could be held personally liable.

Almost half (40 percent) of the employees had worked for the discount chain for thirty years.