January 18, 2021


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We will be on the road more often: the traffic on the road is approaching the level of 2019

We will be on the road more often: the traffic on the road is approaching the level of 2019

Last week Flitsmeister users drove a total of 150.6 million kilometers; that was 160.7 million in the same week last year, corrected for the now higher number of Flitsmeister users.

In the week of March 30th, during the first wave, the decline was much larger. At that time, 83 million kilometers were driven, compared to 147.2 million normal kilometers. That’s a decrease of almost 45 percent. Last week, that decline was just 6.3 percent.

But there are also differences to the old normal. It is noticeably quieter during rush hour. “People are now moving more at different times of the day,” says De Vries.

No traffic jams

Other companies that collect a lot of transportation data also report that they are busier. According to TomTom, 16 major cities are significantly busier than the first corona wave. And Google, which knows exactly where many users are, sees that people are less at home than in the first wave.

The traffic on the road does not yet lead to major traffic jams. “During rush hour it is noticeably quieter,” says Arnoud Broekhuis from ANWB Traffic.

In September this organization saw an increase in the number of traffic jams, but this has since decreased. “Except in Rotterdam, a production city where many people cannot work from home.”

The increase in car traffic can also be caused by avoiders of public transport and trucks. Flitsmeister also believes that a lot of people took the car abroad over the summer instead of the plane.

Black Friday

Yesterday, on Black Friday, Rotterdam and Amsterdam warned of crowds in the city centers. This may be an exception: even though the city centers have been busier than the first wave in the past few weeks, it was still much quieter than usual. This is based on information from the location company Locatus.

“It’s still super quiet,” said a company spokesman. “In the meantime, our feeling of being busy has changed: if something is going on somewhere, we think that it is a lot. While it is actually still very quiet.”

Black Friday numbers will also be released today. In the coming weeks it should become clear whether the shopping streets will actually remain relatively quiet or whether there will be a lot going on in the run-up to Sinterklaas and the holidays.