October 20, 2020


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Watch out for the dam for corona victims

Watch out for the dam for corona victims

Photo: ANP

Civil society wants containment Kup! For the victims of the corona virus Hold a vigil on the dam in Amsterdam on Thursday evening. Under the heading “Light one candle, no more” 10,000 candles are lit and those present are silent for 2 minutes.

Civil society commemorates the Dutch who died as a result of the coronavirus. “These are people who in most cases have had to live for years and often had to die in the absence of their loved ones. Government estimates, too, are based on 10,000 to 15,000 Covid deaths. “

Containment now! also calls on the Dutch in risk groups, who often feel compelled to isolate themselves socially. The vigil is also intended as a warning for the future. “The control measures taken in our country are in many ways less intense than in countries like Germany, Taiwan and Norway, where mortality is significantly lower and a second wave has not yet occurred.”