October 28, 2020


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Walter Schut: Killing | Business travel information

Walter Schut: Killing | Business travel information

Okay, these are measures taken by other countries, but the policies of the Netherlands are also inimitable. The travel advice for Turkey is orange. We strongly advise against unnecessary travel. However, there are dozens of flights to Turkey every week. Apparently all very necessary. But when Corendon wanted to take vacation flights to Turkey, the country was too small. Direct parliamentary questions and Rutte publicly declared the action to be irresponsible. However, it is strange that the Germans and English can go to Turkey without any problems. How irresponsible? The Dutch suddenly had to leave Croatia too. They don’t want to know what such an evacuation will cost Dutch tour operators. Germans could stay on the beaches. Explain that, for example, TUI is in a hotel with customers from different countries.

Another example: Iceland relies on orange given the high number of corona infections in the Netherlands. This means a double Covid test procedure of five to six days or ten days in quarantine on arrival. As a travel industry, you can forget about a vacation tour in Iceland with such a housing obligation. But because Iceland is bringing us to orange, our foreign ministry is putting Iceland to orange: the requirement of reciprocity. It sounds like, “If you bully me, I’ll bully you.” Orange means “Serious security risks in this country or area can create dangerous situations for travelers”. However, this is not the case at all with the orange coloring of Iceland by the Netherlands. It is okay to include the quarantine rules in cow letters in the travel advice for Iceland, but don’t abuse the color coding and reset Iceland to yellow.

Another thing: Most countries are orange because of “serious security risks”. So much so that you are not allowed to go on vacation there. If travelers come to the Netherlands from orange countries, expect to be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival. Sounds logical, but does not occur.

In short: For Covid, clear European agreements must be made in the short term with regard to risk assessment, the (mandatory) screening of travelers and access to each other’s areas. Please also take it with you for traffic outside the EU. After all, it is no longer possible for the traveler to make ends meet.

Flying itself does not cause an increased corona risk, but in the meantime the air traffic decreases sharply. The July figures from Schiphol show an eighty percent decrease. In total, airlines have already received more than EUR 30 billion in grants in the form of grants and loans, and I fear that this is not enough. The Dutch travel industry also urgently needs help. We are waiting for a vaccine with smart, but at the moment vacation and business trips require clear rules and clear criteria from Europe. Because current policies are deadly in themselves to aviation.

Walter Schut
Deputy Director of the ANVR

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