December 4, 2020


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Virus active in education: infections in 780 domestic schools

Virus active in education: infections in 780 domestic schools

This is based on new figures from the school reporting point, which registers corona cases in the classroom. Schools in Amsterdam (38), The Hague (38) and Rotterdam (28) are particularly affected. “We get so many reports that it’s almost impossible to keep up. And because not all corona cases are published in schools, in our opinion we only have the tip of the iceberg in view, “said the platform’s spokesman.


The School Reporting Point is part of the Corona Locator Nederland (CLN) data platform. They register the existing corona clusters in our country. According to the platform, there is no longer any insight into the virus as the number of corona cases in schools quickly increased again after the autumn break. “You can see the clusters are expanding rapidly. There are more than ten infections in no fewer than 114 schools. This is very worrying, ”said the spokesman. “As a result, we see parents wanting to keep their offspring at home more often.”

The Schools Reporting Point also sees a new development, namely the psychological consequences of keeping schools open. “We are getting more and more messages from parents, educators and children struggling with mental health problems. This constant fear of being infected at school or by children leads to depression. “

Despite the rise in infections, the likelihood of the cabinet closing schools is extremely slim. Minister Slob (Education) has already announced that schools will remain open as long as warranted.