December 1, 2020


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Vinted acquires the United Wardrobe second-hand clothing platform

Vinted acquires the United Wardrobe second-hand clothing platform

Online marketplace for second-hand items Vinted takes over the Dutch platform for second-hand fashion United Wardrobe. The two companies announced that United Wardrobe will merge with Vinted and users will be able to transfer their account starting this week.

With the acquisition of United Wardrobe, the Lithuanian company Vinted will immediately become the largest supplier in the online market for second-hand clothing in the Netherlands. This market is growing rapidly.

Vinted has only been active in the Netherlands for over a year. In 2019, 128 million euros were raised by investors to expand in Europe. The platform for used goods is active in twelve countries and is widely advertised on television.

“It’s still standard for you to buy everything new, but soon clothes will follow a more circular path,” Thomas Plantenga, the Dutch CEO of the store, told kup. “It’s a mindset change that can take place across society. So we’re preparing to grow Vinted even further. The ultimate goal is a global company that transforms the fashion industry around the world.”

“Goat wool socks guest”

United Wardrobe was founded in 2014 by three students with the aim of putting vintage clothing in the spotlight and thus keeping it balanced fast fashion, The rapidly changing collections that big chains like H&M and Zara have had great success with in recent years. United Wardrobe has more than 4 million users in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

“It’s great to see that there is so much attention for second hand now,” said co-founder Thijs Verheul. “When we started, I was ‘that kid in goat’s wool socks studying in Wageningen’. People asked how my thrift shop was doing. Now all of my friends buy their second-hand sneakers on our platform.”

What Vinted will pay for the United Wardrobe acquisition has not been disclosed.