November 29, 2020


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Veggie burgers and soy sausages could still be on the EU Parliament’s menu

Veggie burgers and soy sausages could still be on the EU Parliament's menu

Photo: ANP

Veggie sausages and soy burgers may still be on the European Parliament’s menu. Parliament voted in Brussels against proposals to abolish the use of “meaty” names for plant-based products as they would be too confusing for consumers.

Parliament’s Agriculture Committee had previously proposed that words such as sausage or burger be reserved for products that contain real meat. For example, vegetable tubes and soy slices should be called them. However, the majority of the plenary session did not agree.

Parliament voted to extend the existing ban on certain milk-related names such as soy milk and vega cheese. Descriptive terms such as “yoghurt style” and “cheese alternative” must now also be deleted.

The European consumer organization BEUC welcomes the result of the “meaty” designations. “It is good news that Parliament has used common sense,” said a spokeswoman. “Consumers are in no way confused by names like soy steak or chickpea sausage as long as the label clearly states vegetarian or vegan.” BEUC is less positive about the further limitations of the terms in connection with dairy products. “You are unnecessary.” The organization hopes that the Agriculture Ministers who have not yet approved the proposals will end this.

The Party for the Animals also criticizes the proposed ban on the use of terms such as “milk flavor” or “milk imitation”. But the party is happy that a vegan burger ban didn’t make it. MEP Anja Hazekamp: “It is important to give way to environmentally friendly and climate-friendly meat alternatives. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stop the loss of nature and animal species, a transition to a more plant-based diet is needed. “

Colleague Annie Schreijer-Pierik (CDA) denounces “the abuse of meat names for the marketing of Vega products. Meat is meat and dairy products are dairy products. “