January 24, 2021


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Van Haga on the 2nd and Jansen on the 7th for the new FVD list

Van Haga on the 2nd and Jansen on the 7th for the new FVD list

Photo: ANP

On the new draft of the list of candidates for the Forum for Democracy, Wybren van Haga is in second place. In 7th place is Freek Jansen, the controversial chairman of the youth department of the JFVD forum. There was a lot of excitement around him last month as anti-Semitism and homophobia would be widespread within the JFVD under his chairmanship. The current forum leader and founder Thierry Baudet is at the top of the list.

FVD treasurer Olaf Ephraïm is in 3rd place and Hans Smolders in 4th place. Before that he was the driver of the murdered Pim Fortuyn. At the end of November he said he would “withdraw from the FVD in the same way as Paul Cliteur and Theo Hiddema had previously”

In the last poll by Kantar last Wednesday, the FVD has two seats. In March of last year, the FVD still had around 26 seats in the polls. Since the summer of 2019, the party’s position in the polls has weakened further, partly due to internal disputes with Henk Otten and dissatisfaction with Baudet’s party leadership.

Hiddema is on the list as a list pusher. He was previously number two but left the House of Representatives in November after all the fuss within the party. His motivation was “proud of the beauty of our program,” he said on Thursday in de Volkskrant. “And the knowledge that Baudet is a virtuous person. When I see him again I’ll be as soft as wax. “

On the previous list, Nicki Pouw-Verweij, Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek were in 3rd, 4th and 5th place. They have left the party in recent weeks with a large number of other party representatives. They did this because party leader Baudet had spoken anti-Semitic to several MPs during a dinner. He is also said to have done too little against the radical views within the JFVD.

Van Haga was expelled from the VVD parliamentary group last September and continued as a one-man party. He officially joined the FVD late last month after spending some time with Baudet in the House of Commons. He was in place 8 ahead of last month’s runoff election.

The list will be presented to members for approval at a general meeting on January 9th.