October 26, 2020


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Vacancies rise after Corona dip | Financial

Vacancies rise after Corona dip | Financial

“It seems that the vacancy market has reached its lowest point for the time being and is even recovering slightly,” says Arjan Vissers of Indeed Benelux. He also believes that new job vacancies reported in the last seven days have developed positively.

Sellers, cleaners and security guards

Last month, there was the greatest demand for sellers, carpenters and cleaners. There were also, for example, many vacancies for nurses. More recently, demand for staff in areas such as security has also improved.


“Despite the easing of measures, the struggling hospitality, hospitality and tourism sectors are still lagging behind in demand for labour,” Vissers concedes. “While daylight saving time is usually a top season for them, hospitality entrepreneurs can manage their current staffing levels for the time being.”