October 26, 2020


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USA import import tax on Canadian aluminum …

USA import import tax on Canadian aluminum ...

President Trump announced the levy on Thursday during a company visit to Ohio.

Photo: AP

US President Donald Trump reintroduces an import tariff for Canadian aluminum. He announced this on Thursday during a company visit to Ohio. Canada is now benefiting from the United States, the president said.

Trump is thinking of a 10 percent tariff for imported aluminum from Canada. The U.S. President once introduced higher import tariffs for Canadian steel and aluminum in 2018, but dropped them again last year. Since then, however, imports of Canadian aluminum to the United States have increased again, much to the unwillingness of Trump, who accuses Canada of benefiting from the United States.

The measure has been on the table since June. According to the US Department of Commerce, imports from Canada “rose to a historic high”.

Industrialized voters

The announcement will be made just a few weeks after the new North American trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States comes into force. However, Trump wants to secure the votes of industrialized voters in the November presidential election, especially now that he’s dangling behind Democrat Joe Biden in the polls.

In Ohio, the president said he would use import tariffs and other trade barriers to get jobs back in the United States if he was re-elected in November.