January 23, 2021


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US Parliament Takes First Step Toward Legal Cannabis Abroad

US Parliament Takes First Step Toward Legal Cannabis Abroad

Washington House’s Democrat-controlled proposal would relieve federal justice of the obligation to keep an eye on these soft drugs and potentially lead to the abolition of numerous criminal records of individuals convicted by federal judges of crimes related to cannabis or hashish.

However, according to observers, the vote is only one step towards decriminalizing cannabis. This could lead Democratic President Joe Biden to take action in this area. In the Senate, the other chamber of parliament, there is no majority in sight for this step.

Harris and Biden

Both Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris have had careers in which they have been very criminal, but Biden held many moderate positions in the last campaign to become president this year. Harris also advocates the legalization of soft drugs. She stressed that the convictions for relatively minor offenses related to marijuana caused undue damage to the lives of those convicted.

A number of states have already legalized marijuana themselves.