December 3, 2020


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US Department of Justice accuses Google …

US Department of Justice accuses Google ...

The US Department of Justice has launched competition proceedings against the Internet company Google. The world’s largest search engine is accused of having abused its monopoly position.

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The competition case would be the most important against a US company in more than two decades. Google, which controls nearly 90 percent of the US Internet search market, was indicted Tuesday by the US Department of Justice in Washington.

In a first short answer, Google says the charge is “very flawed”. “People use Google because they choose, not because they’re forced to, or because they can’t find an alternative,” it sounds like.

The European Commission previously focused on American tech giants because they were abusing their dominant position. Washington also seems concerned about the dominant role played by big tech companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon.

Tuesday’s indictment in the US would be part of a larger attack on Google. The Justice Department is also preparing a case of possible abuse in the digital advertising market. Google is very powerful there too, as it owns much of the technology that is used to buy and sell ads on the Internet. For example, thousands of companies depend on the tech giant.

Google became dominant in the search market twenty years ago because its algorithm was much better than that of its competitors. The company also benefited from exclusive agreements and proprietary products. For example, all smartphones with the Android operating system are set with Google as the search engine by default. Critics say this gives the tech giant an unfair advantage over the competition.