August 4, 2021


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Unions want to temporarily close observer banks by …

Unions want to temporarily close observer banks due to corona virus:


On Tuesday morning, the joint trade union front at the Obank headquarters in Ixelles campaigned for better hygiene measures and the closure of the offices. “We believe there are more infections among observer employees.”

At Obank, the offices keep their doors open and even people come without an appointment, but according to the unions, this seriously endangers the safety and health of the staff.

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During the first lockdown in March and April, the Obank offices worked behind closed doors, customers were only received by appointment, teleworking was possible and social contacts were limited. This is not the case during the second wave. “We are a nearby bank where the customer should feel welcome, they say. However, we believe that there is competition on the hood of our employees. That is a bridge too far ”, says Johan Nelissen from the BBTK union.

“We believe that there are more infections among observer employees. There are people who are in intensive care and there is an office worker who is in a coma. That causes a lot of unrest, ”says Nelissen.

If their call is not followed, further measures such as strikes will follow.