January 16, 2021


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Union FNV: “The supermarket shouldn’t be the outing for Christmas” | NOW

Union FNV: "The supermarket shouldn't be the outing for Christmas" | NOW

FNV Handel would like the cabinet to close the supermarkets for Christmas. In this way, supermarket workers need to be protected as shops are often very busy during the holidays, the union wrote in an appeal published on Saturday.

In addition, the FNV Handel union believes that it is only appropriate for employees to be able to spend their holidays with their families after a difficult year.

“The risk that there will be far too much in the supermarkets is very high. There is already a lot going on,” says Mari Martens, Branch Manager Retail at FNV. “Also, a lot of young people work in the supermarkets. It’s irresponsible to saddle them with this influx of people.”

According to the FNV, when the supermarkets close at Christmas, the Black Friday scenario must also be prevented. Back then it was very busy in large retail chains. “The supermarket shouldn’t be the outing for Christmas,” said Martens.