August 4, 2021


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Union: “200 jobs at risk at IBM in Belgium”

At the technology company IBM in Belgium, 200 jobs are at risk, or almost one in five. This is what the Christian trade union ACV Puls said on Monday.

The union says it was “shocked” also because IBM in Belgium “has grown for three consecutive quarters and won a record number of orders”.

The Renault procedure is started. The union will try to keep as many jobs as possible. “We will defend colleagues whose jobs are threatened by restructuring and the working conditions of those who will stay,” said a press release. “We absolutely want a long-term perspective. At the beginning of this year, 70 employees at IBM Belgium are said to have been laid off.

The announcement is part of a recently announced global reorganization, according to the union. The company is also working on a split into two parts: the cloud services on the one hand and the IT infrastructure on the other.