January 28, 2021


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Unemployment continued to decline in November

Unemployment continued to decline in November

Photo: ANP

Unemployment in the Netherlands fell again in November. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), a total of 378,000 people were unemployed last month, which is 4 percent of the workforce. At the UWV performance agency it was also a little quieter.

In October unemployment was still 4.3 percent, which was also a decrease compared to the previous month. At that time, 406,000 people were unemployed. From March to August, unemployment rose sharply from 273,000 to 426,000 due to the first wave of the corona pandemic.

While the number of new WW applications at the UWV increased sharply in October, there was another decline a month later. A total of 33,000 people applied for benefits, but 35,000 no longer needed them. As a result, the total number of unemployment benefits fell 1.9 percent to 276,000. This is an increase of 21.4 percent compared to October 2019.

“We are pleasantly surprised that the unemployment benefit has not increased any further,” says Rob Witjes, Head of Labor Market Information at UWV. “Despite the fact that unemployment benefits remain relatively stable, we need to recognize that there are many sectors that have problems and wonder how much longer they can do it.”

According to the expert, it is still extremely uncertain how the unemployment figures will develop in the next year. “It depends on the development of the virus, the vaccine and the government support measures,” he says.

For people who lose their job, the UWV also determines where there are currently good employment opportunities. These are professions such as traffic manager, gardener, nurse, baker and solar panel mechanic. Sectors that are in very difficult times are the hotel and catering industry, the event industry, the travel industry and passenger transport.