October 23, 2020


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TUI stops with the travel brand KRAS

TUI stops with the travel brand KRAS

Photo: ANP

The travel organization TUI is stopping its subsidiary brand KRAS. This stamp will no longer be used as of April 1st next year. KRAS has been part of TUI since 2000 and focuses mainly on active people over 50. Most of the KRAS travel offers are offered under the TUI brand name.

It is not yet clear what the move means for employment. All KRAS departments were previously merged with TUI and the KRAS building was closed in May.

According to TUI, the move to continue with fewer brands is part of the reorganization the company is undertaking. This should save costs now as the travel market has largely stalled due to the corona crisis.

The bus company KRAS Touringcars has been separated from TUI and will continue to exist. This company will continue to work with the travel organization.