October 28, 2020


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Trump: Justice Inquiry into “Left Unrest” | Abroad

Trump: Justice Inquiry into "Left Unrest" | Abroad

Trump, who has stressed crackdown on crime and the ongoing protests in American cities over the past few months, said more than 200 people have been arrested, including 100 in Portland. The city has been unsettled in the last few days. One died after clashes between Trump supporters and right-wing militias on one side and Black Lives Matter protesters on the other.

“In America we will never surrender to mob rule because if the mob rules, democracy is actually dead,” said Trump. Although Trump has accused Biden of supporting vandals and rioters, Biden has repeatedly condemned all violence in American cities and urged Trump to do the same.

However, the president has not yet convicted Kyle Rittenhouse of his 17-year-old supporter suspected of shooting two people in Kenosha town last week. His spokesman said Monday night that he did not intend. Trump said of his supporters who clashed with left-wing protesters in Portland that they were demonstrating peacefully.

Protests against racism and excessive police brutality have taken place in many American cities since the violent death of black inmate George Floyd in Minneapolis in late May. These are regularly accompanied by unrest, destruction and looting. Meanwhile, rising social tensions in cities in the run-up to the November elections have become a major issue.