December 4, 2020


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Travel advice France aggravated by viruses and attacks

Travel advice France aggravated by viruses and attacks

Photo: ANP

Travel advice to France will be tightened from Friday, not only because of the corona virus, but also because of the increased threat posed by the attacks in Paris and Nice.

There is a lockdown across France. Due to the high number of coronavirus infections in France, according to the Foreign Ministry, an extension of the emergency by a period of three months until mid-January 2021 has been announced.

Travel to France should only be made if absolutely necessary. When returning to the Netherlands, there is a 10-day quarantine at home. Following the attack in Nice on Thursday and recently in Paris, the French government has adjusted the threat level to “urgent attentions” across the country. The security measures have been tightened and everyone is asked to be vigilant. There are also stricter (identity) tests.