October 30, 2020


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Tim Sweeney: the billionaire who developed Fortnite and now …

Tim Sweeney: the billionaire who developed Fortnite and now ...

Not only is Fortnite an amazing shooting game, it now has a goal of its own: the omnipotence of Google and Apple. With their digital stores, they make generous commissions on in-game purchases, and creator Tim Sweeney no longer accepts that.

Tim Sweeney (50), CEO of Epic Games and creator of Fortnite, likes to profile himself as “the good guy”. He is now doing this in the open war that he is waging with Apple and Google. The stakes: their monopoly on App stores and their generous commissions, which Sweeney says developers have to pass on to players. Is Epic Games selling a fun hat or extra guns in Fortnite (on an iPhone or iPad)? Then a commission of 30 percent goes to Apple. Same story in google Load game.

To get around that, he hired his own epos save on, Here players could buy Fortnite hats and weapons directly with a discount of 30 percent. An obvious violation of the terms and conditions of Apple and Google: Both giants immediately discontinued their extremely popular game business.

Most likely, Epic Games had anticipated this as it immediately had a well-prepared shot ahead of it: a parody of Apple’s 1984 ad, a viral hashtag (#freefortnite), and a string of lawsuits.

The timing of this well-coordinated attack is not accidental either. A few weeks ago, Google and Apple were in the penalty area for the US Congress. After that, public opinion turned against them. Apple’s image, in particular, was severely damaged after CEO Tim Cook admitted that Apple gives some – including Amazon – a discount on that commission. “Have you ever sought retaliation for being developers open to your terms and conditions and commissions?” It said during the interrogation. “Sir, we’re not wearing bullying(Mobbing, ed.)He answered firmly.

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Speaking of boomerang: like Fortnite with no mercy from the business In the eyes of the 250 million Fortnite players, nothing less than that: pure bullying. Sweeney – one of the richest men in the gaming industry at $ 4.5 billion – is a species in the eyes of gamers David Who is against the two Goliaths. Because which player is now against cheaper hats?

In the meantime the deadlock has been completed. Apple doesn’t seem willing to compromise because if they make an exception for Epic Games, the gaming industry gathered will soon be around the corner for a discount or everyone will build their own business. Sweeney seems adamant too, because if he makes it home – and he seems pretty confident – he’ll soon be able to sell digital hats and guns to teens using a credit card.

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Photo: AFP

Tim Sweeney: The billionaire who developed Fortnite and is now waging an open war with Google and Apple