October 31, 2020


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Thursday staff meeting in Alleur about saving …

Thursday staff meeting in Alleur about saving ...

A staff meeting will take place on Thursday at the Makro in Alleur (Liège). The unions want advice from employees on management’s savings plans. Due to the corona pandemic, employees are being consulted in small groups.

Last week strikes took place in various Makro branches, including Machelen, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and Eke. There were no more actions on Monday.

But the joint union front will organize a staff meeting in Alleur later this week, on Thursday to be precise. This store is a pilot for the changes management wants to implement, such as: B. the introduction of self-scan registers. The unions are furious because the savings plan came about without consultation.

“Management has already announced that it will not touch the open-ended contracts but will not renew the fixed-term contracts and intermediate contracts, which will add to the workload for the remaining employees,” said Raymond Vrijdaghs, a representative for CNE.