October 31, 2020


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“Third Aid Package Critical to SMEs” | Companies

"Third Aid Package Critical to SMEs" | Companies

ONL boss Hans Biesheuvel appeals urgently to the politicians in The Hague not to underestimate the situation. “In many areas things are going a lot worse than you think. In the areas of catering, travel, events and exhibition centers, for example, sales have fallen too much for many entrepreneurs to survive without support. “

Every fourth SME has appealed against the government’s emergency measures, Statistics Netherlands announced on Friday. Although activities seem to be picking up again, region-specific measures are now causing dire local situations. What is allowed in The Hague is sometimes nipped in the bud on site, for example at trade fairs that are canceled. Biesheuvel: “Industry-specific support is essential for entrepreneurs without clear future prospects and for seasonal companies.”

Where the first support package was very general, ONL is now requesting an adjustment. “The events and travel sectors are very hard hit. That won’t just work. For this purpose, schemes such as TLV and NOW must continue to apply. For sectors that generate significantly less revenue, such as B. metal, one can think of the reintroduction of the part-time unemployment insurance system and arbitrary depreciation. “

ONL also advocates a tax deferral payment system, fearing that the tax burden for entrepreneurs will rise sharply if the support measures expire. “This can prevent healthy companies from being forced to file for bankruptcy.” In order to avoid unnecessary final bankruptcies, ONL proposes to open bankruptcies with the activities of companies temporarily suspended.

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