January 19, 2021


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These measures are necessary to give the go-ahead for the House of Representatives to move domestically

These measures are necessary to give the go-ahead for the House of Representatives to move domestically

This is the conclusion reached by researchers who, at the request of the House of Representatives and State Secretary Knops (Internal Affairs), have further investigated whether the elected representatives can safely work in the former Foreign Ministry, which must serve as a temporary workplace, while a large part of the Inner Courtyard is being renovated .

“Our conclusion is that B67 can be made corona-safe with a number of architectural and organizational measures combined with good communication and advance information without hindering the House of Representatives in its primary process,” write the researchers from the Drees office. and summer. B67 is the building in Bezuidenhoutseweg that temporarily houses the House of Representatives.

Splash guard

Nevertheless, the move cannot just happen, warns the agency. “The construction work includes doubling up an important door and adding a splash guard.” Many other adjustments are mentioned under the heading “Organizational Measures”. “Assigning inputs based on workplace, setting sidewalks, setting stair / elevator policies, programming elevators and escalators during the morning peak, and applying different lunchtime sessions.”

The big question is whether Knops and the House of Representatives will agree to these measures. If so, the house will move in summer 2021. But moving the house didn’t just cause a stir because of the work. Chamber President Khadija Arib and State Secretary Raymond Knops (Internal Affairs) talk about the move.

According to Arib, the new building would not be able to work corona-safe with the desired thousand people at the same time. The distance rules would make it impossible to work safely in corona time. The total cost of renovating the building is now 161 million euros, but that amount can certainly increase with corona adjustments. According to Knops, a postponement is not desirable either: “With every year that we postpone, about 30 million euros are added.”