May 17, 2021


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The VDAB wants to train 30,000 temporarily unemployed

The VDAB wants to train 30,000 temporarily unemployed

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Photo: Jimmy Kets

The VDAB will contact 10,000 employers with a request to encourage their temporarily unemployed workers to attend training. This is what Het Laatste Nieuws wrote on Monday. These are temporarily unemployed people who are inactive for more than 10 days a month due to the corona crisis, in sectors where there is currently little prospect of improvement.

At the request of the Flemish Labor Minister Hilde Crevits (CD & V), the VDAB will no longer contact all technically unemployed people – as it did in September – but instead concentrate on the groups in which this could be most useful. A total of 30,859 or more than a quarter of all temporarily unemployed people are contacted.

In collaboration with various industry organizations, the VDAB has listed courses that are useful for employees in the hotel industry, tourism, the events sector, industrial cleaning, retail and aviation. Those who have worked in other sectors receive a wider range of services in their mailbox.

Not required

Crevits has already made several attempts to activate the temporary unemployed. Today, however, only 3,039 of the 110,283 temporarily unemployed people are registered with the VDAB, although such registration is not required to attend an online training course. In contrast to “normal” unemployed people, temporary unemployed people are therefore not obliged.

However, the Flemish minister is in consultation with her federal colleague Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS) to determine whether this registration with the VDAB is not compulsory for those who are temporarily unemployed for more than 10 days a month. An expansion of the training obligation could also be helpful.