October 20, 2020


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The Topman fashion group FNG and the chairman KV Mechelen have … (Mechelen)

The Topman fashion group FNG and the chairman KV Mechelen have ... (Mechelen)

Mechelen –

Dieter Penninckx, one of the founders of the fashion group FNG (Brantano, Fred and Ginger …) and also chairman of KV Mechelen, was arrested on Friday and locked in prison on suspicion of financial fraud.

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In August it became known that the three founders of FNG had been charged with forgery of documents, incorrect annual financial statements, manipulation of the share price and failure to cooperate with an investigation by the FSMA. In particular, it’s about Dieter Penninckx, who is also the chairman of the KV Mechelen football club, his wife Anja Maes and Manu Bracke.

At the end of August, the examining magistrate decided to release her under strict conditions. However, the Antwerp prosecutor confirms that Dieter Penninckx was arrested on Friday for allegedly violating his terms. The prosecution does not want to discuss under what conditions.

His wife, Anja Maes, was also arrested but released under electronic surveillance. The court is currently investigating whether crimes have been committed at the bankrupt fashion group FNG, which had stores such as Brantano, CKS, Claudia Sträter and Fred & Ginger in its portfolio. A few weeks ago house searches were carried out in various places.