January 16, 2021


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The three pillars of the Brexit agreement: this has Europe …

The three pillars of the Brexit agreement: this has Europe ...

Ursula von der Leyen and Boris Johnson

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The European Commission has started to publish the documents that make up the Brexit Agreement on its website. First and foremost, it is an accompanying text that explains the three pillars of this business. “After intensive negotiations, the European Commission today reached an agreement with the United Kingdom on its future relationship with the European Union,” it said. The final documents detailing the agreement will be released later.

The agreement is based on three pillars. It’s a first FTAor “a new economic and social partnership with the UK”, as the Commission describes it. “It goes well beyond a traditional trade agreement and provides a solid foundation for sustaining our long-term friendship and partnership. It covers not only trade in goods and services, but also a wide variety of other areas in which the EU is interested, such as investment, competition, state aid, tax transparency, transport, energy, fisheries, data protection and social protection. It does not guarantee tariffs or quotas for any goods that comply with European regulations. Both sides also commit to creating a robust and level playing field, with a binding mechanism for disputes and the ability for both sides to take countermeasures. “

According to the text, the EU has also agreed with the UK on a framework for joint management of the EU fishing in European and UK waters. “The UK will be able to develop British fisheries while protecting the activities of European fishing communities,” it said. In terms of transport The agreement guarantees a connection by air, road, rail and sea “on level ground so that the rights of passengers and workers and safety are not impaired”.

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“The agreement ensures the integrity of the domestic market and the indivisibility of our four freedoms (people, goods, services and capital). This also reflects the fact that the UK is leaving the European ecosystem of common rules and can no longer take advantage of EU membership or the single market. “

The three pillars of the Brexit agreement: This was decided by the European Union and the United Kingdom
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Security and Governance

The second pillar concerns security. “The agreement provides a new framework for legal and police cooperation in criminal and civil matters,” said the Commission. “It recognizes the need for close cooperation between judicial authorities, particularly in the fight against cross-border crime and terrorism.”

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The third pillar will pass blackboard. “In order to offer businesses, consumers and citizens maximum legal certainty, a separate chapter of the agreement clarifies how the rules are implemented,” writes the Commission. For example, a “Joint Partnership Council” is provided in which all discussions are settled. “This means that companies in the EU and the UK have a level playing field to ensure that neither party can grant unfair subsidies.”

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About foreign policy and defense cooperation no agreement reached “because the UK did not want to negotiate”, the Commission clarifies. “As of January 1st, the EU and the UK will therefore not be able to provide a coordinated response to foreign challenges such as the imposition of sanctions on other countries.”

The three pillars of the Brexit agreement: This was decided by the European Union and the United Kingdom
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“Big Changes on January 1st”

The Commission also warns that this is not the end of the matter. “This agreement will also see major changes on January 1st. On that day the UK will leave the single market and customs union. Freedom of people, goods, services and capital between Britain and the EU will end. The EU and the UK will form two separate markets that will now create non-existent barriers for trade and mobility in either direction. While the agreement protects the rights of EU citizens, the EU’s financial interests and the stability of Ireland, the full and timely implementation of this agreement has always been a key priority for the European Union. “

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“As a former Member State, Britain has extensive economic and other links with the Union. If there is no practical impact by December 31, 2020, these links will be severely disrupted. The negotiations were only concluded very late, but that does not mean that the European Parliament has no right to examine the agreement. For this reason, the Commission proposes to withdraw the provisional pension contract (which ended earlier this year, ed.) temporarily until February 28, 2021. Subject to the unanimity of the 27 member states, the European Council will quickly sign the Brexit agreement. Once this process is complete, the European Parliament can give its approval. “

It full Brexit agreement will be published “soon” on the European Commission’s website.

The three pillars of the Brexit agreement: This was decided by the European Union and the United Kingdom