January 18, 2021


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The second wave affects the economy. “We need perspective”

The second wave affects the economy. "We need perspective"

The number of firms that pause throughout the year was higher than last year. According to the Chamber of Commerce, which records the number of quitters, it’s impossible to say if this was due to corona as they don’t ask companies to. Part of the higher numbers could also be explained by late registration.

The long-term strategy that Baarsma is talking about should also be to help companies that are not viable and want or need to quit. “The government now mainly backs and supports businesses to stay afloat.”

For some people, quitting doesn’t seem like an option because their company is in debt, for example. “As a government, for example, you take on some of this debt and make it an option to quit,” says Baarsma. “Now the cabinet guarantees additional loans that a company will use to take on additional debt, but there are no packages that can be stopped in a controlled manner.”

According to Baarsma, a switch for slackers can help relieve entrepreneurs and point out opportunities, such as selling part of the company. Because, according to Baarsma, there is a taboo on stopping, it can prevent a lot of suffering. “Bankruptcy is so painful and can be so disorganized,” says Baarsma. “You don’t want entrepreneurs to do that.”