October 31, 2020


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The Schiphol test road was closed due to insufficient test capacity

The Schiphol test road was closed due to insufficient test capacity

Photo: ANP

The Corona test street in Schiphol will be closed from Saturday. According to Schiphol, the cabinet has decided to temporarily close it so that the scarce test capacity can now be used where it is needed most.

“Schiphol hopes that more test capacities will be available in the short term. This adds to the perspective for travelers. Ideally, the tests take place before driving out of risk areas, ”reported the airport on Friday evening.

“This can reduce the need for travel bans and quarantine measures. In anticipation of such an internationally organized approach, tests on arrival may be an alternative if sufficient testing capacity is available. “

When the test road opened on August 13, around 400 people could be tested every day. It recently became clear that the test street in Schiphol could not grow any further in some places due to the capacity problem or that the opening times could be extended. The current opening times are from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., which has been heavily criticized in the House of Representatives because planes also land at the airport outside of these times.

The cabinet used the test street in Schiphol, among other things, as a test to test people who have no complaints. On Friday evening, Minister Hugo de Jonge informed the House of Representatives that this process “will be completed by next weekend”. The data collected through tests are evaluated. On this basis, the government will examine whether and how incoming travelers at airports should be tested.