November 25, 2020


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The Netherlands sends 105 respirators to the Czech Republic

The Netherlands sends 105 respirators to the Czech Republic

Photo: ANP

The Netherlands is sending 105 respirators to the Czech Republic, where hospitals are dealing with a large influx of corona patients. Austria provides fifteen of them. With the thirty devices that the EU sent out of strategic medical care earlier this week, Czech demand has been fully met, the European Commission reported on Saturday. Which pays for the cost.

The Czech Republic was affected to a relatively limited extent by the first virus wave in spring, but is now bearing the brunt of the burden. Corona patients are admitted or cared for in field hospitals in neighboring countries, but there is also a shortage of staff and equipment.

The government in Prague therefore asked the EU for help. It is the first time that the EU reserve for respirators is used.

Austria has offered another thirty. EU Commissioner Janez Lenarčič (Crisis Management) thanks the Netherlands and Austria for their support. “We must continue to fight this virus together.”

The Czech Republic passed the threshold of 15,000 new infections per day for the first time on Saturday. In the country of more than 10 million people, 1,971 people died of Covid-19.

NATO announced that it would send sixty respiratory masks to the Czech Republic from the stocks held by the military alliance. The devices for critically ill patients come from Hungary and the USA, among others.

NATO member states Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia will also receive “dozen” breathing apparatus and other medical supplies from the Alliance this month and next. The first 60 devices were delivered to the Albanian Ministry of Health on Thursday.