October 29, 2020


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The ministry will test the mobile degassing of inland navigation

The ministry will test the mobile degassing of inland navigation

Photo: ANP

There will be an experiment with the environmentally friendly degassing of barges. The Ministry of Infrastructure is providing 250,000 euros to test mobile degassing systems so that the gases no longer end up outdoors.

Installations are mainly required in port areas with a lot of handling, writes the ministry. In Rotterdam and Moerdijk, barges can already degas in systems, but more is needed according to the ministry.

When ships unload liquid cargo, vapors or gases remain in the hold. These can contaminate the next load. There is also a risk of explosion if the gases are flammable, especially when working where sparks can occur. Therefore, a ship must be able to vent these vapors between each load.

A ban on sail degassing is expected to come into force at the European level at the end of 2021. However, all member states must first agree to the treaty amendment.

Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen believes it is important that alternatives to sail degassing are introduced quickly. “It’s bad for the crew and residents, but it’s also not good for the environment.” She worked hard in Europe to get the treaty change signed quickly.