January 22, 2021


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“The health insurer does not sufficiently inform customers” | money

"The health insurer does not sufficiently inform customers" | money

This is the conclusion of the consumer bond after investigation. Health insurers also do not provide their customers with clear enough information about the consequences of such agreements with health care providers.

Policy letters

“We’ve looked through dozens of policy letters, but it’s not clear if the current policy is deteriorating. For example, insurers say nothing about healthcare providers who no longer have a contract before 2021. Or about restrictions, so-called upper care limits, which were agreed with the service providers, ”says director Sandra Molenaar.

“This can have far-reaching consequences for consumers and determine the choice of health policy. Policyholders have to find out for themselves. Our research also shows that this information is difficult or impossible to find on health insurers’ websites. “


In September 2020, the union spoke to the Department of Health, Welfare and Sport, the NZa regulator and health insurers about improving information on contract and health caps.

Now that consumers have to decide again whether they want to keep their current health insurance or change, the Consumentenbond checked the status of this information provision on the websites and in the insurance letters that customers received at home in November.


The union wants insurers to be better informed about what is different in a policy than it was last year and what restrictions apply to certain providers. Customers should be able to find this information clearly before choosing their health insurance plan.

When a service provider is no longer under contract, you may suddenly have to pay extra. and if a health insurer applies a health cap for a particular health care provider, the health insurer may not accept new patients from that insurer for the remainder of the year.