October 27, 2020


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The health declaration of slaughterhouse workers is a “wrong measure”.

The health declaration of slaughterhouse workers is a "wrong measure".

Photo: ANP

It is a fake measure when employees of the Van Rooi Meat slaughterhouse in Helmond fill out health certificates. That says John Klijn, director at FNV.

“Such a statement is a wax nose. Do you really think that an immigrant who gets in the van at 5 a.m. to go to work says that he is sick? Of course, he has already decided to say “yes” to everything. In the worst case scenario, he won’t get any money otherwise, ”said the unionist.

Last weekend it was announced that slaughterhouse employees had been working with corona problems for the past two months. They don’t dare to report that they have symptoms or are sick for fear of losing their jobs. All employees must complete a health declaration at the gate every morning.

According to Klijn, the only solution is to permanently test the employees. “A big rehearsal every week. We’ve been calling this for ages, but it doesn’t happen. A blind man sees that things are not going well. “

He also points out that some Romanian workers ignore quarantine measures when they return to the Netherlands after a holiday in Romania. “People in this income class come to the Netherlands to work, so they are only quarantined in a house for two weeks.”