October 29, 2020


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The Hague wants young people to be tested for coronavirus

The Hague wants young people to be tested for coronavirus

Photo: ANP

The city of The Hague is actively encouraging young people to be tested for the corona virus. By raising awareness of the risks of the lung virus online and on billboards around town, the community is hoping more people will be tested.

“A corona test is free, your grandmother is invaluable,” is one of the slogans the community uses in the campaign. Education director Hilbert Bredemeijer said in a statement that he hopes for a good start to the school year despite all the corona restrictions. “Fortunately, much more is possible, but the corona virus has not yet disappeared. This means that we must all continue to adhere to the measures, young and old. Take responsibility and let yourself be tested. It’s quick, free, and easy. “

The ideas for the campaign were co-created by young people from The Hague. In this way, the community hopes that the campaign will actually appeal to the target audience.

There are currently four test sites in The Hague and a fifth will be added soon at Haaglanden Medical Center Bronovo.