May 17, 2021


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The fitness studio asks the employees to complain anonymously about the “uncertain corona situation” to the competitor

This comes from an email held by De kup.

Big Gym director Jasper Otting mailed his staff earlier this week to impersonate competing gyms and then filed complaints with the local community: “Tell yourself you feel more than unsafe about it 30 people are in the club at the same time. “

Wrong name

Staff were instructed to give a false name and ask their community for enforcement. According to the mail from director Otting, unlike BigGym, the competitors do not adhere to the rule of 30 people per independent room. “At peak times, up to 100 people can run,” says the director. He advises employees to ask for a check in their complaint in the evening, “because that’s when it’s busier”.

Various Fit for Free and Basic Fit branches received checks in response to the call. “The congregation has been on the doorstep twelve times in the past few weeks. All in response to anonymous complaints, ”says a Basic Fit manager.

Director Otting apparently expected a lot from his action. “If everyone on your team is on, the community needs to take action,” he concludes his email.

“Director Otting has not worked for BigGym since yesterday,” said attorney Lex de Jager from the gym on Saturday morning to De kup after questions about the call. According to De Jager, BigGym directors Ali Güner and Claudio Santisi are “devilish about the ridiculous one-man action” of their director. Güner and Santisi sent a message to all employees on Friday and distanced themselves from Otting’s email. They forbid their employees to answer the call. They were also in contact with the directors of Fit for Free and Basic Fit.

legal action

Jasper Otting was previously in the news last spring when he filed a lawsuit against the Dutch state on behalf of the chain with twenty branches in the Netherlands to clarify the gym closings due to corona. Last month, two BigGym stores in Zaandam and Wormerveer were closed for four weeks. According to the security region, too many people were present in the two gyms at different times. The branches were allowed to reopen their doors last Thursday.