January 25, 2021


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“The Dutch too often leave windows and doors open for burglars” | Financially

"The Dutch too often leave windows and doors open for burglars" | Financially

This is the result of studies by the insurance company Allianz Direct among more than a thousand people. However, respondents also have an eye for precautionary measures to secure their homes. For example, a majority of 86% always check that the doors are properly locked before going to bed.

Half of the respondents say they value safety equipment. More than one in ten opts for an electronic alarm system, camera security in the house or an “intelligent” doorbell with a camera. Almost all Dutch people (98%) feel safe in their own home, as the study shows.

Housing policy unknown

Anyone who is the victim of a break-in can recover damage to the home and stolen items from household contents and home insurance. However, nine out of ten insured do not know exactly what the housing policy covers, as the survey shows.

Home insurance also covers theft with no evidence of break-in, for example if someone accidentally left a door or window open. The prerequisite is that a report has been made to the police. “But preventing strangers from entering your house is always better than a cure,” emphasizes Allianz. “Break-in prevention is and will remain of great importance.”