October 23, 2020


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The Dutch shoe chain vanHaren acquires 43 stores from Bran …

The Dutch shoe chain vanHaren acquires 43 stores from Bran ...

43 of the 109 Brantano branches are taken over by the Dutch shoe retail chain vanHaren Schoenen. The unions are reacting rather pessimistically as the fate of 66 other branches and around 400 branch employees is still completely unclear.

While long queues of discount hunters formed in the branches of Brantano on Monday morning – discounts of 75 percent apply to total sales – the recipients of the bankrupt fashion group FNG report that they have concluded a takeover agreement with vanHaren Schoenen. Not for all 109 stores, but only for 43.

“This is good news for 43 businesses, and when I quickly count around 220 people who will not lose their jobs in the future,” said BBTK Secretary Lindsey Verhaeghe, rather disappointed. “Then the plans of Ziengs Retail (Scapino), which wanted to take over at least eighty stores, were much better. But these conversations have unfortunately stopped. Of course we hope that a buyer will also be found for the 66 other Brantano branches in the coming days. In the interest of the 400 or so salespeople whose jobs are threatened with bankruptcy. Although we don’t see any candidates right away. Or we may not be aware of it because when it comes to getting information, employees seem to come last. “It has already been said at ACV Puls that the takeover of only 30 to 40 branches is actually not enough to speak of a successful takeover. A total of 647 people work at Brantano.

6 billion sales, 74 million pairs of shoes

The Dutch shoe retail chain vanHaren Schoenen belongs to the German group Deichmann. The group has 4,200 stores in more than 40 different countries in Europe and the USA. The entire group employs 43,000 people and sells 74 million pairs of shoes every year, which corresponds to sales of a whopping six billion euros. So far there have only been 16 stores in our country owned by vanHaren and the parent company Deichmann. “After opening 16 branches in the last three years, this is definitely a major step forward in expanding the branch network in Belgium,” said the shoe chain’s press release. VanHaren has been a major player in the shoe industry in the Netherlands for 90 years and is active in the Dutch market with 143 branches. “The whole family can buy shoes with an excellent price-performance ratio here. Right now trending VanHaren is characterized by its own collection, sales of well-known sports brands and a high level of service. With the takeover of the 40 Brantano branches, this formula for success will be further expanded in Belgium.

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Brantano disappears

The agreement that the trustees concluded with vanHaren Schoenen on Monday stipulates that the trustees can continue to organize the sale of shares in the acquired branches until the end of September. vanHaren made it clear in the first conversations that it had opted for its own formula and therefore not for a restart of Brantano under the name Brantano. According to the insolvency administrator, vanHaren Schoenen will issue a further communication about the further modalities and the concrete implementation of the takeover. The details of the acquisition will be specified in the coming days and weeks. Even then it will be clear which businesses will be taken over and how many people and who of the Brantano workforce can work for vanHaren.