February 24, 2021


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The Dutch participant Buladó is not fighting for the Oscar

The Dutch participant Buladó is not fighting for the Oscar

Photo: ANP

The Dutch entry for the Oscars no longer applies to the coveted statue. The film Buladó is not on the shortlist for the International Film category published by The Academy.

The film by director Eché Janga with Everon Jackson Hooi, Tiara Richards and Felix de Rooy was selected from thirteen applications from the Netherlands. Buladó premiered at the Dutch Film Festival in September and was awarded the Golden Calf for best film. The story is about a family in Curacao and is based in part on a local slave saga.

The Danish contribution Another Round (original title: Druk), which was partly financed by the Dutch Film Fund and co-produced by the Amsterdam company Topkapi, made it onto the list. Quo Vadis, Aida ?, About the case of Srebrenica and the subsequent genocide by Bosnian Serb troops is also on the shortlist. The contribution from Bosnia and Herzegovina includes Dutch actors Raymond Thiry, Reinout Bussemaker and Juda Goslinga.

The shortlist also includes films from Chile, the Czech Republic, France, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Iran, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Russia, Taiwan and Tunisia. The Academy will announce the nominations for the Oscars on March 15th. The prestigious film awards will be presented on April 25th.