October 28, 2020


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“The Dutch have never gone to a garage as often as in 2019”

"The Dutch have never gone to a garage as often as in 2019"

Photo: ANP

The Dutch took their car to the garage for maintenance several times over the past year at a record height. At the same time, service or repair has become cheaper in recent years, reports the RAI Association.

Last year, the number of maintenance visits rose by almost 11 percent to 17.9 million. In total, the industry generated almost 4 billion euros in 2019. That was the highest level since 2012. “It is gratifying to see that motorists no longer postpone maintenance. After years of decline, more and more people are seeing the value of maintaining the vehicle’s condition, ”said Steven van Eijck, Chairman of the RAI Association.

According to the trade association, an average of 461 euros per year was spent on maintenance in 2019. In 2010 this amount was 670 euros. Most of the money is spent on MOT and regular maintenance.