August 4, 2021


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The Dutch business relies on a better relationship with the US

Photo: ANP

The entrepreneurial organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland trust that relations with the United States can be improved under the new President Joe Biden. The recent trade disputes between the European Union and the US over steel must, among other things, be brought to an end quickly.

“We hope that this will succeed under the new president and look forward to working with the new government,” said an initial response from the organizations to Biden’s election victory.

Nonetheless, the corporate lobby believes that with Biden as President, the EU must also become stronger in several areas. “The geopolitical game between the US and China is unlikely to change much under Biden. Only Europe has real power in this game. “

According to the entrepreneurs, the US is still the Netherlands’ most important trading partner outside the EU. For example, our country exported € 26.6 billion to the US in 2019 and we imported € 37.7 billion from the US. “The US is also an important investor in the Netherlands. And they are a crucial partner for the Netherlands and the EU in order to work together with global standards and raise them to a higher level, for example in the areas of economy, environment and social issues. “