January 24, 2021


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The city of The Hague investigates “party demonstration” Duindorp: Hundreds gathered | inland

The city of The Hague investigates "party demonstration" Duindorp: Hundreds gathered | inland

Despite the corona maintenance, a big party took place on the Tesselseplein in the Hague district. Dozens of people huddled together. It was not a celebration, said spokesmen, but a “pre-announced demonstration”.

The Duindorpers demonstrated for the conservation of bonfires. After a massive shower of sparks at the turn of the year 2018 to 2019, the fires were not allowed to continue last year. This year they would initially be re-admitted, but they were canceled due to corona.

Party in Duindorp is officially a demonstration

Party in Duindorp is officially a demonstration

Despite the fireworks ban, The Hague ambulance services had a busy night for the ambulance services with incidents where fire, police and emergency services often had to take action. Fireworks were also thrown at rescue workers several times, and a fire engine was pelted with bricks.

Mayor Jan van Zanen, who was out in the city with King Willem-Alexander at night to visit the multidisciplinary command center, among other things, is satisfied with the behavior of the residents of The Hague. “It’s good to see that many people responded to the call to stay home and celebrate New Year’s Eve in a small group. I am proud of all the volunteers, cops, enforcers, firefighters, and ambulance brothers and sisters who have given up their nights of rest to make sure everything goes smoothly. “

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