December 4, 2020


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The city of Amsterdam offers civil servants “white privilege” training inland

The city of Amsterdam offers civil servants "white privilege" training inland

Alderman Rutger Groot Wassink (GL) says in a letter to the city council that he will implement the motion of city councilor Sylvana Simons (Bij1). She asked the college to start a process in which officials would receive privilege training. According to Groot Wassink, such training courses are “about systematic differences in opportunities based on diversity characteristics such as origin, class and gender”. According to the GL Council member, “various elaborations are possible, for example in the form of a privilege walk or a more informative and theoretical approach”.


The costs for such privilege training vary depending on group size, duration and specific needs between 750 and 1250 euros. In addition, there are one-off costs for the design phase (approx. 2000 euros), the precise monitoring and evaluation to measure impact and quality (3000 to 4500 euros) as well as the staff costs for coordination and communication (4000 euros).

Groot Wassink writes that the topic “should become part of the broader topic of inclusion”. “Training, including recruiting and selection, will be offered to approximately 900 P&O advisors, directors and managers in 2020 and 2021 who play a role in the recruiting and selection process.” A pilot project for a management course on inclusion is now taking place in three organizational units in the municipality. Privilege is one of the issues in this area. “

“Bad thing”

In the coming months, further research will be conducted into how the inclusion and diversity training provision is organized for the entire public service. “Privileges are one of the topics in this offering.” CDA council member Diederik Boomsma strongly criticizes the plan on social media. “Bad thing! This intersectionalism is not a neutrally accepted input, but a controversial ideology imported from the US. The community shouldn’t impose that.”