January 18, 2021


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The catering industry demands exceptions for institutes to be completely arbitrary

The catering industry demands exceptions for institutes to be completely arbitrary

Photo: ANP

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is not satisfied with the “absolute arbitrariness in the choice of the halls”, which despite the stricter corona measures is given an exemption to be able to accommodate more people. Since Tuesday, as part of the tightened corona measures, no more than thirty people have been allowed to sit together in one room. Security regions can make an exception for “institutions of great importance”, provided that all other corona rules can be properly observed.

“To KHN’s great surprise, there are absolutely no fair competitive conditions in this case. Arbitrariness in politics affects the mutual competitive position of (catering) companies. “The catering organization would like the safety regions to look further than” just the traditional theaters “in their exemption can also be opened responsibly through strict protocols and observing the 1.5 meter distance. “

According to the organization, the security regions need to clarify as quickly as possible how decisions are made and what criteria apply. “You can assume that space and adequate distance are important, and hence the question of the extent to which the 1.5-meter distance and other indoor corona rules can be properly met in that location. Several sectors have now proven that they can adhere to this through strict protocols. So the big question is: Why do the exemptions only apply to certain theaters, theaters and subsidized music venues? “, Asks KHN.

In the past few days it has become clear that several institutes in different regions have already received an exemption.