January 19, 2021


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The cabinet denies it has been asked to ban Black Friday

The cabinet denies it has been asked to ban Black Friday

The cabinet says it never had a request to ban the Black Friday bargain festival. A spokesperson said it was also legally difficult to add that the mayors themselves had the space and authority to intervene.

The Mayor of Rotterdam Aboutaleb said on the television program Buitenhof that the 25 mayors presiding over a security region recently called on the government to ban Black Friday. The cabinet did not think this was necessary, Aboutaleb said. According to the cabinet, this is therefore different.

Nowadays the bargain craze leads to large crowds in the shopping streets. As a result, it is not possible to keep a sufficient distance. Various mayors, including Aboutaleb, therefore decided to close shops earlier or make phone calls to avoid coming. Even today the shops in Rotterdam closed earlier.

Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council, also said this afternoon that the situation was more nuanced than Aboutaleb suggested. According to Bruls, who is also mayor of Nijmegen and who was present at the meeting, talks with the cabinet about the crowd were held in the December months. “Several options were on the table during these consultations. For example, the option to temporarily close stores was mentioned, but not at the request of the Joint Security Council.”

25 mayors have not specifically asked for Black Friday to be banned, but calls have been made to stop actions on Black Friday, Bruls says. “The line should try to keep people from visiting the crowds on the shopping streets.