August 4, 2021


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The broadcast of November 5th: No results yet US / Rotterdam teachers hidden / Police want fireworks ban

New US President?

Do we know today who the next President of the United States will be? In five of the 50 American states there is still no final result. By doing Swing conditionThe difference between the candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump is sometimes only a few thousand votes.

Biden seems to have the best cards at the moment, but the differences are minimal. A lot of attention tonight for the elections. We talk to a reporter, among other things Eelco Bosch from Rosenthal Who’s with Trump’s Republican constituency in Delaware and with correspondents Marieke de Vries in Washington DC. American journalist Laila Frank catch up with us in the studio.

There are still no election results in the USA

Rotterdam teacher hides for cartoon

The Rotterdam teacher, who is threatened with showing a cartoon in class, has gone into hiding. NRC reports this. There are several other teachers at the school who would no longer feel safe.

The murdered French teacher Samuel Paty was celebrated in class on Monday. The French teacher was beheaded by an extremist Muslim. He had shown cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a lesson on free speech. At the commemoration in Rotterdam, some Muslim girls from the class wanted the Rotterdam teacher to remove a cartoon from the notice board. The discussion became heated, after which threats were issued. MPs are guests Paul van Meenen (D66) and Bente Becker (VVD).

The Rotterdam teacher threatened and hid after showing a cartoon

The police want a temporary total ban on the sale and setting of fireworks

The national police want a temporary total ban on the sale and lighting of fireworks. The police join the mayors, who are also calling for a temporary ban. Corona is putting the rescue workers under even more pressure at the turn of the year this year.

A total ban should ease pressure on health care. With a ban, it is also easier for the police to enforce targeted enforcement. In addition, the police hope to prevent police officers, boas and other carers from self-treatment during the new year with a ban. Ruud Verkuijlen, New Years Coordinator at the National Police, is visiting.

The police also want a ban on the sale and setting of fireworks